How can you help?

Last updated 21 October 2020

Thankfully with increased public awareness of the plight of greyhounds in the racing industry, greyhound adoption has been on the rise. For the most fortuitous greyhounds, when they exit the industry, they will be given the opportunity to transition to life as a family member. There are a plethora of reasons dogs find themselves in these situations: injuries or congenital defects in young dogs, dogs without chase drive deemed unsuitable for the track, middle-aged dogs at the end of their careers, and older ex-breeding dogs. 

Greyhounds living their best life after exiting the racing industry. Source: Animals Australia 

Most states in Australia have industry-run adoption programs financed by the racing industry; however, there are a number of greyhound rescue and rehabilitation groups that do not accept funds from racing. Although all greyhounds need a home, we endorse supporting independent greyhound rescues that are not driven by money sourced from the suffering of other greyhounds. Industry adoption programs also use their adoption numbers in order to justify their social license and breeding numbers, which is not an issue with independent rescue groups.

Rescued greyhounds. Source: Animals Australia.

Whilst giving a greyhound a loving home is the most direct thing you can do to help a greyhound in need, arguably the most important thing you can do to help racing greyhounds is to never, ever bet on animal racing industries. 

  • Never attend, bet on, or promote the greyhound racing industry; if the gambling revenue the industry receives dried up it would no longer be sustainable and would eventually collapse. Advocate for those around you to do the same. Many well-meaning people are simply ignorant to the huge range of issues surrounding the industry regarding animal welfare or lack thereof. Education is key!
  • Help to increase community awareness of the issues associated with greyhound racing.
  • Consider donating, fostering or volunteering for your local greyhound rescue group.
  • Consider adopting a retired racing greyhound! They are amazing dogs, and despite their often difficult past, give so much love and trust to people.

For guidance in adopting or fostering these beautiful dogs see Animal Australia's guide to fostering and adopting a greyhound!

A rescued greyhound. Source: Animals Australia.