Medical neglect

Last updated 21 October 2020

Greyhounds surrendered to rescue groups commonly show signs of preceding inappropriate medical treatment and neglected issues. An immense number of greyhounds exiting the racing industry have not received adequate dental care and often require surgery under anaesthetic before they are rehomed, often with a number of extractions of heavily diseased teeth. Further issues such as untreated pannus (a disease of the eyes), reproductive problems such as mammary cancers, corns of the feet, and of course an abundance of fractures and other injuries as a consequence of racing are often present in rescued animals.

A greyhound with dental issues.

A trainer faced disqualification in August 2020 for stitching up a greyhound without the use of any anaesthetic or appropriate vet care following a dog attack; she then deteriorated to the point of requiring euthanasia due to septic shock (Victorian Racing Tribunal. Decision: Greyhound Racing Victoria and Mr Peter Parr).