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The mass slaughter of protected native Australian crocodiles

Mon 30 August 2021, 10:48pm
Mon 30 Aug '21
by Emma Håkansson
How an industry has exploited false claims of species conservation for the sake of commerce.

How to Make the Perfect Vegan Apple Pie

Wed 28 April 2021, 11:49am
Wed 28 Apr '21
by Jess Mateljan
This relatively easy, delicious vegan apple pie recipe will keep you feeling warm & cosy during the colder months coming up. Give it a try!

Dominion Anniversary Event Resources

Wed 7 April 2021, 4:07pm
Wed 7 Apr '21
by Farm Transparency Project
On April 1st 2021 we hosted an online event with 4 guest speakers who discussed issues surrounding animal rights and social justice. Here is a list of ...

Vegan Chocolate Brands For Easter

Mon 29 March 2021, 10:10am
Mon 29 Mar '21
by Jess Mateljan
Check out these wonderful vegan, fairtrade and ethical chocolate brands.

Lions and Monkeys Retired From Circus Performances

Fri 26 March 2021, 2:33pm
Fri 26 Mar '21
by Farm Transparency Project
Stardust Circus have finally made the decision to quietly retire their captive lions and monkeys from performing.

5 Myths About Animal Use in Fashion

Fri 19 March 2021, 5:34pm
Fri 19 Mar '21
by Emma Håkansson
The exploitation and slaughter of animals in the fashion industry is often over-looked. Let's bust some myths about the fashion industry and what it does ...

A Life Sentence - Marine Animals in Captivity

Wed 10 March 2021, 1:51pm
Wed 10 Mar '21
by Alix Livingstone
Marine animals in captivity lead lives of deprivation for years on end. It doesn't have to be this way - we have the power to ...

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