Privacy Policy

Farm Transparency Project Privacy Policy

  1. This policy describes how Farm Transparency Project may collect, use, hold or disclose “personal information” as set out in the Australian Privacy Principles and by reference to the Australian Privacy Principles Guidelines as at 31 March 2015.
  2. Relevant to this policy, “personal information” is:
    1. information that may identify an individual engaged in the animal production industry such as identification by name, address, telephone number or employment details; or
    2. information which provides an opinion about an individual engaged in the animal production industry.
    3. information voluntarily provided by users when they sign up for an account, or modify their account, such as their name, email address, social media links, profile photo, etc.
  3. Farm Transparency Project has taken reasonable steps to develop this policy including considering:
    1. the possible adverse consequences to individuals if their personal information is disclosed; and
    2. that collection, use, holding and any disclosure of “personal information” is not excessively burdensome to Farm Transparency Project.

Collection of personal information

  1. Farm Transparency Project will collect personal information for the primary purposes of:
    1. Developing and maintaining an accurate, comprehensive online database and catalogue of the workings and scale of animal-use industries and enterprises, as a tool for consumers to further their own knowledge of the industry and particular businesses within it, enabling them to make informed choices to reduce the suffering of animals.
    2. Enabling users to create public profiles and associate those profiles with their uploaded material
  2. Farm Transparency Project considers the collection of personal information in such a manner to be reasonably necessary to further its charitable purpose of preventing or relieving the suffering of animals. Personal information collected and held on an internal Farm Transparency Project record will be used to provide it with a verifiable evidence base to build and maintain its Map and Repository to accurately show and monitor over time, the breadth and types of animal-use industries in Australia, and individual cases of cruelty towards animals within animal-use enterprises.
  3. Regarding personal information that relates to animal-use industries, Farm Transparency Project considers it to be unreasonable or impracticable to collect such personal information directly from an individual because:
    1. Information is already in the public domain;
    2. Direct collection may jeopardise the purpose of the collection (ie to assess the extent and type of animal production industry in Australia); and
    3. The time and cost to Farm Transparency Project would be excessive if it was required to collect personal information directly from an individual.
  4. Farm Transparency Project will hold personal information in a record or records under its control and which it can access physically or by use of an electronic device (such as decryption software).

Use and Disclosure

  1. Farm Transparency Project will use personal information by accessing and reading the personal information and searching its records for the personal information.
  2. Farm Transparency Project will use the personal information internally to verify the size and type of the animal production industry and businesses within it, and to verify individual cases of reported animal cruelty. That use is consistent with its charitable purpose.
  3. Farm Transparency Project may also disclose the personal information to an enforcement body where it considers the information is reasonably necessary for enforcement activities conducted by the enforcement body, and in a public record on its Map and Repository websites only when accompanied by verified evidence of animal cruelty, where it considers the information is reasonably necessary to allow consumers to make informed choices to avoid funding or promoting such cruelty. The disclosure is consistent with Farm Transparency Project’ charitable purpose.

How a member of the public may engage with Farm Transparency Project regarding personal information

  1. Farm Transparency Project will take reasonable steps to provide an individual who believes that Farm Transparency Project holds their personal information with access to that personal information.
  2. Farm Transparency Project will take reasonable steps to correct an individual’s personal information if Farm Transparency Project is satisfied that it is inaccurate, out of date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading.
  3. If an individual has a complaint about how Farm Transparency Project has collected or handled personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer at [email protected].
  4. An individual can choose to delete their account/profile on the website.

Use of API services

  1. This website uses the Youtube Data API to collect information about videos that have been uploaded to Youtube, for the purpose of adding those videos to its database for display in gallery pages. Specifically, the data captured includes:
    1. Video title
    2. Video description
    3. Video tags
    4. Video duration
    5. Video thumbnail image
    6. Video publication date
    Personal data, such as data about users, is not captured.