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New anti-dairy campaign takes aim at Dairy Australia’s flagship education program

Tue 27 Feb 2024, 7:00am
  • Farm Transparency Project has released a new campaign calling for a ban of Dairy Australia’s Discover Dairy program, which provides lesson plans and activities to schools.
  • The campaign, titled End Dairy Slaughter, features footage of the slaughter of week-old bobby calves and 4-6 year old dairy cows being violently slaughtered, which has been captured in Australian slaughterhouses in the past year. 
  • Farm Transparency Project is calling out Dairy Australia for manipulative and deceptive targeting of children through their program which the group claims is biased and inaccurate. 

A mother cow chases after a trailer taking away her newborn calf.


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Animal rights campaigners from Farm Transparency Project have launched a new campaign to ban the use of resources provided by Australia’s dairy industry peak body, Dairy Australia, in schools. 

The End Dairy Slaughter campaign calls out the Discover Dairy Education Program for misleading and deceptive content, which Farm Transparency Project claims is nothing more than advertisement for the dairy industry and shouldn’t be provided as an educational resource. 

Farm Transparency Project spokesperson, Harley McDonald-Eckersall, says that she has seen first-hand how Dairy Australia deliberately misinforms children through their educational resources.

"I grew up and went to school in South Gippsland, an area dominated by the dairy industry. I remember being encouraged to decorate one of Dairy Australia's 'Picasso cows' as part of a Discover Dairy program designed to teach us more about the dairy industry. Yet, despite this, it was only when I went to university that I learnt many of the harsher realities of the dairy industry, including the routine slaughter of hundreds of thousands of 5-7 day old bobby calves who are considered wastage to the industry, or the fact that mother cows are usually killed at 4 years old, after their milk production begins to slow."

"It's shocking to me that such clearly biased material is still being allowed in our educational institutes. Schools should be a place to learn about the world around us, free from the corporate interests of mega-corporations, such as those that influence the dairy industry."

"The footage we show in this campaign has been captured within the last year at Australian dairy farms and slaughterhouses. It shows the reality of Australian dairy as an industry entirely reliant on slaughter to remain financially viable."

"With this campaign, we’re calling on state education ministers to end this deceptive curriculum which supports industry profits, not educational outcomes."

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