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Virtual Tours

Using the latest in 360 camera technology, we've created a groundbreaking interactive virtual tour of a major Australian piggery - and we've got more tours of other kinds of animal exploitation facilities on the way. This is industry transparency like you've never seen it before.

Experience what it's like for animals behind closed doors, in highly secretive farms where no members of the public are supposed to see.

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Farm Transparency Map

Since 2010 we've been mapping animal exploitation facilities across Australia, including factory farms, slaughterhouses, knackeries, hatcheries, race training centres and more.

  • 745 broiler chicken farms
  • 278 egg farms
  • 34 duck farms
  • 814 dairy farms
  • 643 pig farms
  • 284 slaughterhouses
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Take Action

Tell the Victorian Government to prevent further sexual abuse of pigs
End dairy deception in schools
Leave animal products off my plate
Urgently address the systemic failures of Tasmanian slaughterhouse regulators
Tell the Federal Minister for Agriculture to support legal protection for farmed animals
Ban gas chambers in South Australia

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