Ban gas chambers in South Australia

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On July 12th, we released footage from BMK Foods pig slaughterhouse in Murray Bridge, South Australia. We captured footage of hundreds of pigs being forced into a gas chamber with a painful electric prodder, before being lowered to an agonising death. 

We watched as some pigs were left at the top of the chamber for over 20 minutes, gasping and shaking as they slowly suffocated to death. Others screamed and thrashed at the bottom of the chamber, throwing themselves against the bars in a futile effort to escape as the gas burnt their lungs. 

This horrific practice must end! We are calling on the South Australian Deputy Premier and Minister for Climate, Environment and Water, Dr. Susan Close MP, to initiate a state inquiry into pig gassing and support a ban on gas chambers.

Thanks to our footage and public pressure, we have already succeeded in achieving a Victorian inquiry into pig slaughter and confinement, it’s time that other states followed suit. 

Take action and write to the minister today.

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Hon. Dr. Susan Close MP, South Australian Minister for Climate, Environment and Water

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