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After over 10,000 public submissions, hours of hearings and months of deliberations, the Victorian inquiry into pig welfare has released its final report. The report, which has already been supported by government MPs, makes 18 recommendations to end some of the most cruel and outdated practices in Victorian pig farming and slaughter, including intensive confinement stalls and cages, the killing of piglets by blunt force trauma and the horrific slaughter of pigs in CO2 gas chambers. 

It also called for government oversight of the treatment of pigs on farms and slaughterhouses and mandatory CCTV, which will be made available to regulatory authorities. 

The Government now has six months to respond to these recommendations, and we have six months to show them just how many people are watching their next move. 

We will continue to fight for the end of cages and the end of horrifically cruel practices, while working towards a future where no animals are bred, confined and killed for human use. 


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