Tell the Federal Minister for Agriculture to ban gas chambers in pig slaughterhouses

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Industries that cage, mutilate and slaughter animals can never be humane. They can never be kind or compassionate. It’s time that we call them out on the lies they tell us and make all animal cruelty illegal. 

What we want

  • A Victorian inquiry into the use of gas chambers, or ‘controlled atmosphere stunning,’ in slaughterhouses - ACHIEVED
  • A federal inquiry into pig slaughter methods in Australia
  • Parliamentary Inquiries into pig gassing in all states where gas chambers are used
  • The immediate closure of the slaughterhouses exposed in our footage while an inquiry takes place
    • Australian Food Group - SHUT DOWN
    • Diamond Valley Pork - under investigation
    • Benalla - under investigation
    • BMK Foods - under investigation
  • A total ban on the use of gas chambers and other industry practices that would be considered animal abuse if farmed animals weren’t exempt from animal welfare legislation

We also want to see:

  • An end to the breeding and killing of pigs for food
  • Government support for farmers and slaughterhouse workers to transition out of the pig slaughter industry and into kinder, sustainable industries


What you can do

  • Write to the Federal Minister - Contact the Federal Minister for Agriculture, Murray Watt, asking him to support a federal Parliamentary Inquiry into gas chambers, and ultimately, a ban on the cruel practice. You can use our template email form below, or email him at [email protected], or call (02) 6277 7190. Further contact details are available at
  • Write to the South Australian Deputy Premier and Minister for Climate, Environment and Water, Dr. Susan Close MP, asking her to initiate a state inquiry into pig gassing and support a ban on gas chambers, in response to new pig gassing footage from South Australia. Use our template email form, or email [email protected], or call (08) 8226 8520.
  • Write to your local MP - Connect with your local MP to ask whether they will support a ban on gas chambers - we've created a template letter you can use.
    Consider also calling the MPs and even visiting their electoral offices and asking for a meeting. You can view or download the contact details for MPs here:
  • Get involved - Attend our events, share our content and take a stand for all animals. Follow us on Facebook to see our latest events.
  • Stop eating pigs - Every time we choose slaughter-free options, we are choosing to live in line with our values of kindness and compassion.
  • Plan your own events - We encourage people to plan their own events as part of the Ban Gas Chambers campaign. Email [email protected] for support with visuals, promotion and action design. Consider outreach events, rallies with placards and banners, and peaceful vigils.
  • Truck drivers, refuse delivery of pigs to gas chambers - We encourage truck drivers to refuse to deliver pigs to gas chambers. In Victoria, pigs will be gassed to death at C A Sinclair abattoir in Benalla and Diamond Valley Pork abattoir in Laverton. Consider refusing these jobs on moral grounds. If you are not in a safe position to do so and worry about losing work, consider raising a complaint with your union, manager or company.
    If you want support in this, please email us at [email protected] with the subject line ‘truck drivers against gas chambers.’
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Senator The Hon Murray Watt, Minister for Agriculture

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