Ban gas chambers: Maisie's Project

You can help protect pigs like Maisie.

  • Over 90% of Australian pigs are killed inside of painful carbon dioxide gas chambers.
  • Over 90% of Australian pigs spend their whole lives inside intensive factory farms.
  • 100% of Australian pigs are brutally slaughtered at just a fraction of their natural lifespan, most at only 6 months of age.

Shocking new footage released in 2022 and 2023 shows that Australia's pig farming industry causes monumental suffering for millions of pigs, and that the pork industry has been engaging in deceptive conduct regarding their practices for decades.

We’re contacting food businesses to help them be part of a project to make a stand for animal welfare and replace pig products with sustainable, cost-effective plant-based alternatives.

Maisie is a pig who was killed in a Victorian pig slaughterhouse in early 2023. The night before she was killed, investigators got to know her in the holding pens. Maisie sniffed them, nuzzled them and gently nibbled on their clothes, just like a dog. The next day, they captured her brutal death inside a gas chamber on hidden cameras.

It's for pigs like Maisie that we started this project.

How you can take part as an individual:

Visit your favourite local cafes, groceries and restaurants, share Maisie’s story and ask if they are willing to stand up for pigs like Maisie by:

  • Removing pig products from their menu or shelves
  • Replacing pig products with plant-based alternatives

Get tips on how to approach your local food supplier here.

Make sure to share how you go with us by contacting us on social media or by emailing us.

Download the action pack here.

How you can take part as a cafe/restaurant owner:

  1. Remove pig products from your menu and make a statement about why you have chosen to do so.
  2. Remove pig products from your menu and replace them with plant-based alternatives.
  3. Remove pig products from your menu.
  4. Remove pig products from your main menu, but keep as an optional extra for additional cost.

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