Goat dairy wastage

The killing of unwanted male baby goats

Confronting footage captured at the massive Cibus Goat Farm in Trafalgar, Victoria, shows baby goats being killed by the trailer-load with a captive bolt gun, and then tossed into a bin. Their only crime is being born male and therefore a waste product to the industry because they cannot produce milk.

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The footage reveals the harsh reality of the dairy industry, where animals must be repeatedly impregnated to continue producing milk. The female babies are raised to join the breeding and milking cycle, while the male babies are considered useless to the industry. This particular farm is owned by millionaire John Gommans, who also owns the Gippy Goat farm (and former cafe), which was subject to a high profile protest by animal activists in late 2018.

This is yet another example of an industry with zero transparency or laws to properly govern it - everything shown in this footage is completely legal under Victoria's animal welfare legislation.

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Currently, this and other brutal practices are entirely legal as commercial animals are not protected under Victoria's state animal welfare laws. We're working with Andy Meddick MP to change that, starting with a parliamentary petition calling on the state government to remove the exemption for farm animals from the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

Note: This petition is only open to residents of Victoria, Australia. For non-Victorian residents, please sign our general petition.

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