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Broiler farm

530 Battunga Road Meadows
Name: Broiler farm
Address: 530 Battunga Road Meadows
Summary: Broiler farm is a 'broiler (meat) chicken farm' located in Jupiter Creek, SA Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Updated: 2018
Coordinates: -35.138039, 138.767258
ID: c420e
Contracted to: Gourmet Poultry (last known 2015)
Capacity: 120,000

"Enter this property down the long private driveway , lush paddocks on each side of  the wide driveways of your new property .This beautiful farm is located only a short distance from the city in the Adelaide Hills, while the backdrop of the property has  a forest for added beauty.

Contracted to Gourmet Poultry , the three excellent sheds are a cross flow ,double curtains shed. The curtains are operated either manually or under automatic computer . With  120,000 birds (at .5 ) density, the company is currently placing 104,000 birds and the current batch rate is six batches per year. These sheds are on a beautiful property of 75 acres, scattered with magnificent gum trees which are divided into about 15 paddocks. Outside is number of outside sheds including a large open farm shed and a huge workshop plus  stables and a horse menage as well as a manager cottage 

A magnificent forty seven square home of five bedrooms features on this property. The home is all quality and set in beautiful gardens. It features many lovely rooms including a large games room and bar and outdoor spa"

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