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List of Australian factory farms, abattoirs/slaughterhouses and animal exploitation businesses. You can also view facilities on the Farm Transparency Map.

Name Categories Suburb State Last Known Status Photos Videos Documents ID
Bokarina pullet farm Food» Layer Hens (Eggs)
Main Ridge VIC Open 0 0 0 0a714
Food» Layer Hens (Eggs)
ID: 0a714
Main Ridge VIC
Nyora Farm Food» Broiler (Meat) Chickens
Nyora VIC Open 2 0 0 3e4e1
Food» Broiler (Meat) Chickens
ID: 3e4e1
Nyora VIC
Tallangatta Meat Processors Food» Abattoirs
Tallangatta VIC Open 0 0 0 76c92
Food» Abattoirs
ID: 76c92
Tallangatta VIC
Victoria Valley Meat Exports Food» Abattoirs
Trafalgar VIC Open 0 0 0 dbb93
Food» Abattoirs
ID: dbb93
Trafalgar VIC
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