Madura Station

Unnamed Road, Madura WA 6443, Australia
Name: Madura Station
Address: Unnamed Road, Madura WA 6443, Australia
LGA/Council: Dundas Shire Council
Council website:
Council email: [email protected]
Summary: Madura Station is a sheep skin/wool/fur farm located in Madura, WA Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Listing updated: 2019
Listing ID: a8e46
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The station occupies an area of approximately 7,082 square kilometres (2,734 sq mi) or 1.75 million acres %u2013 making it larger than the nation of Brunei %u2013 in the remote south east of Western Australia.[1][2] It is the third largest sheep station in Australia, after Rawlinna and Commonwealth Hill Station and is currently owned by the Jumbuck Pastoral Company.[1]