Wainui Feedlot

Unnamed Road, Wainui QLD 4404, Australia
Name: Wainui Feedlot
Address: Unnamed Road, Wainui QLD 4404, Australia
LGA/Council: Toowoomba Regional Council
Council website: toowoombarc.qld.gov.au
Council email: [email protected]
Council phone: 131 872. If calling internationally use +61 7 4688 6611.
Summary: Wainui Feedlot is a cow/cattle meat farm located in Wainui, QLD Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Listing updated: 2018
Listing ID: cd35d
Website: www.napco.com.au/wainui-feedlot-farm/
Owned by: The North Australian Pastoral Co. Pty Ltd
Government-issued enterprise ID: 934
Environmental authority licence/number: F1-0145
Capacity: 14,240
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