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A collection of personal recounts by animal cruelty investigators.

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Behind Every Glass

Tue 30 April 2024
Tue 30 Apr '24
by Ruth and Sarah
We entered the dairy. In the nights that followed we documented the horrors as we uncovered the full spectrum that is dairy, and the lifelong cruelty the calves and their mothers faced, their sad and broken lives, from farm to saleyard to slaughterhouse... In 2017, investigators Ruth and Sarah documented the lives of dairy cows and calves, from farm, to saleyard to slaughterhouse.

Maisie's Story

Mon 4 March 2024
Mon 4 Mar '24
by Anonymous
We met Maisie in the holding pens at Benalla slaughterhouse. Out of the dozens of pigs and piglets crowded together in the mud and filth,...

Bear's Story

Mon 29 January 2024
Mon 29 Jan '24
by Harley
Sometimes out of the darkest of places come stories of hope. But our time at Snowtown had no happy endings. On our final night investigating...

Felix's Story

Sun 14 January 2024
Sun 14 Jan '24
by Meghan Quinlan
This is Felix. A beautiful baby boy I was privileged to meet and spend time with. Felix was healthy. Apart from being malnourished and weak...

The Lives we Couldn't Save - Pedro, Barnsey and Owen

Tue 8 August 2023
Tue 8 Aug '23
by Harley
We spent two weeks installing cameras and capturing footage at Menzel’s Meats in South Australia. Each night, we spent time with animals in the...

The reality for Canadian pigs

Mon 16 May 2022
Mon 16 May '22
by Jenny McQueen
What stays with me? The sad eyes of the breeding female pigs as they look up at yet another human; who won’t free them...

Every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

Fri 29 April 2022
Fri 29 Apr '22
by Anonymous

You have arrived into this world; and I am witnessing the only experiences you will have. I am here to capture this moment, this...

I care, and I saw you, sweet Mumma.

Fri 29 April 2022
Fri 29 Apr '22
by Anonymous

I couldn’t tell you the last time I have been profoundly impacted, by watching footage of animals being killed. I have watched hours...

A bobby and his friend named Boe.

Fri 29 April 2022
Fri 29 Apr '22
by Anonymous
Inside a slaughterhouse, in the waiting pens. It was the first-time on a night out investigating that I have ever cried on. I walked around...