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2024 Tasmanian of the Year, Stephenie Trethewey, desperately hides evidence of slaughterhouse ownership

Tue 2 Jan 2024, 1:29pm - last updated 3:53pm

Stephanie Trethewey (2024 Tasmanian of the Year) and husband Sam, standing in their slaughterhouse, The Local Meat Co - which has been exposed for horrific animal crueltyMeet Stephanie Tretheway, the 2024 Tasmanian of the Year.

Last night we exposed The Local Meat Co, a Tasmanian slaughterhouse where cows and sheep are brutally killed. This slaughterhouse was bought in 2022 by Stephanie and her husband Sam through their business Tas Ag Co (@tas_ag_co). Up until last night, their ownership of the slaughterhouse was proudly listed on their website and social media accounts, and confirmed in ASIC records, domain registrations, and media interviews

Following the release of the footage, we received an email from Stephanie, threatening legal action if we didn’t remove all mentions of her ownership of the slaughterhouse. She has since frantically attempted to hide the evidence. Steph and Sam’s names have been removed from the @tas_ag_co account bio on instagram. Comments are disabled on the Tasmanian Agricultural Company Facebook page, which has blocked our account, and the @tas_ag_co instagram has been set to private. The ‘what we do’ and ‘our story’ sections on their website have had key details removed, and the domain registration has been changed from Steph’s name to her husband’s. 

Rather than taking accountability for the horrific footage we have exposed, which showed multiple cows, likely from Steph and Sam’s own farm, being ineffectively stunned and shot multiple times, as well as workers hitting, throwing, shoving, kicking and even headbutting sheep, Steph has done everything to try to hide her involvement and minimise backlash.

Jeremy Rockliff, this is your Tasmanian of the Year? We could think of a few more deserving people…

Ultimately, Steph’s commitment to lying through her teeth shows the utter lack of integrity and transparency in the animal slaughter industry, which we have dedicated ourselves to exposing.  We will never stop forcing industry transparency and providing the public with information about what happens inside these facilities.

It’s time to shut down slaughterhouses.

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