The Local Meat Co

1178 Claude Rd, Claude Road, Tasmania
Name: The Local Meat Co
Address: 1178 Claude Rd, Claude Road, Tasmania
LGA/Council: Kentish Council
Council website:
Council email: [email protected]
Summary: The Local Meat Co is a slaughterhouse located in Claude Road, TAS Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Listing updated: 2024
Listing ID: e1df0
Owned by: Tas Ag Co , ABN: 83 623 615 083
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Stephanie Trethewey (2024 Tasmanian of the Year) and husband Sam, standing in their slaughterhouse, The Local Meat Co - which has been exposed for horrific animal crueltyOwned by 2024 Tasmanian of the Year, Stephanie Trethewey, and her husband Sam. Hidden camera footage shows ‘sustainable beef’ cows shot with a rifle up to eight times before losing consciousness and forced into the kill room using a hammer and a metal pipe. Investigators also captured footage of workers jabbing sheep and cows with painful electric prodders, including in the face and genitals, as well as beating, head-butting, kicking and throwing sheep to the ground. 

One cow is documented crying out in pain after having been shot in the head multiple times, while others become stuck in the stunning box and have their head crushed in the machinery, while they continue to display signs of consciousness. 

The footage is part of a comprehensive investigation of five Tasmanian slaughterhouses, which showed systemic violence, cruelty and illegal activity.

In 2022, Stephanie and Sam purchased the former Kentish Quality Meats slaughterhouse near Sheffield in northern Tasmania, and rebranded it as The Local Meat Co. This was proudly stated on their website and social media pages, and in media interviews, and confirmed in ASIC records and domain registrations.

Following the release of our hidden camera footage on 1 Jan 2024, Stephanie frantically attempted to hide evidence of her involvement in the company. Steph and Sam’s names have been removed from the @tas_ag_co account bio on instagram. Comments are disabled on the Tasmanian Agricultural Company Facebook page, which has blocked Farm Transparency Project's account, and the @tas_ag_co instagram has been set to private. The ‘what we do’ and ‘our story’ sections on their website have had key details removed, and the domain registration has been changed from Steph’s name to her husband’s.

Rather than taking accountability for the horrific cruelty we have exposed, Stephanie Trethewey has done everything to try to hide her involvement and minimise backlash.

ABN Lookup

ABN 83 623 615 083 (open lookup)
ABN status Active from 07 January 2018
Entity type Australian Private Company
Goods & Services Tax (GST) Registered from 27 February 2018
Main business location TAS 7304 from 01 July 2020
VIC 3013 from 07 January 2018 to 01 July 2020
ABN last updated 01 July 2020
Extracted from ABR 23 May 2024

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  • 2024 Tasmanian of the Year, Stephenie Trethewey, desperately hides evidence of slaughterhouse ownership

    Tuesday 2 Jan 2024

    Meet Stephanie Tretheway, the 2024 Tasmanian of the Year. Last night we exposed The Local Meat Co, a Tasmanian slaughterhouse where cows and sheep are brutally killed. This slaughterhouse was bought in 2022 by Stephanie and her husband Sam through their business Tas Ag Co (@tas_ag_co). Up until last night, their ownership of the slaughterhouse was proudly listed on their website and social media accounts, and confirmed in ASIC records, domain registrations, and media interviews.  Following the release of the footage, we received an email from Stephanie, threatening legal action if we didn’t remove all mentions of her ownership... Read more >

  • Slaughterhouse owned by 2024 Tasmanian of the Year facing increasing pressure with the release of new hidden camera footage

    Tuesday 2 Jan 2024

    Animal advocacy group Farm Transparency Project has released new footage from the Local Meat Co, showing cows and sheep being beaten and ineffectively stunned before slaughter. Some footage of the Local Meat Co was exposed in December, alongside four other Tasmanian slaughterhouses, but the full footage has only now been released to the public. The slaughterhouse is owned by 2024 Tasmanian of the Year, Steph Trethewey, who bought the business with her husband in 2022. Read more >

  • Statement in Response to Tasmanian Slaughterhouse Announcement

    Thursday 14 Dec 2023

    All talk, little action The Tasmanian government has just released their response to our shocking exposé of Tasmanian slaughterhouses, and its far from the decisive action they pledged to take just four days ago. Rather than responding to evidence of systemic animal abuse immediately, the government has announced that the most they can manage is to re-investigate the facilities and form a task force to consider developing new animal welfare guidelines. Given that all five slaughterhouses we investigated were already in breach of existing state and national welfare legislation, we fail to see what developing new ones will manage, except... Read more >

  • Major Tasmanian abattoir suspended and four more under investigation after animal advocacy group reveals “systemic animal abuse and regulatory breaches”

    Friday 8 Dec 2023

    View photos and footage: Animal advocacy group Farm Transparency Project has released hidden camera footage from five Tasmanian slaughterhouses, in what they’re calling a comprehensive and damning indictment of the state’s animal welfare regulators.  The footage shows the slaughter of sheep, cows, deer, pigs and week-old ‘bobby calves’ from the dairy industry. Many animals are revealed to be killed while fully conscious, including dozens of bobby calves who are captured dying slowly over minutes as they bleed out. Farm Transparency Project is working with... Read more >

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