News & Media: Animal Cruelty Revealed in Two Queensland Piggeries

Animal Cruelty Revealed in Two Queensland Piggeries

By Aussie Farms
Fri 16 May 2014, 12:00am

Animal activists have released footage inside a further two Queensland piggeries, revealing thousands of pregnant and lactating pigs confined to tiny metal and concrete cages.

The footage, provided anonymously to Animal Liberation Queensland and then forwarded to new animal rights organisation Aussie Farms, depicts row upon row of pigs trapped in sow stalls and farrowing crates, dead and dying piglets, piglets who have been mutilated without pain relief by employees, and the decapitated head of a piglet in an aisle with no body to be found. The two facilities have been named as Brentwood Piggery, near Dalby, and CEFN Breeder Piggery, near Clifton, the latter being owned by the family of Clifton Shire’s former mayor, Ian Jones.

This comes just two weeks after damning footage was released inside the country’s largest piggery and pig slaughterhouse, owned by Rivalea at Corowa NSW. With the new footage, a total of 17 piggeries across Australia have been exposed for acts of animal cruelty in the last two years.

Spokesperson for Aussie Farms, Chris Delforce, said, “Most people who see these images would be shocked to learn that all of this is standard across the industry and, for the most part, entirely legal. What these so-called farms - factories, really - have been allowed to get away with is almost beyond comprehension. Now, though, as more and more of these images make it into the public domain, people are finally able to see the harsh truth for themselves despite the industry doing everything in their power to keep their activities hidden away in the dark behind closed doors.”

“This is arguably one of the cruellest industries in Australia,” said Animal Liberation Qld spokesperson Chay Neal. “This footage, representing standard industry practice, I believe would be unacceptable to the average Australian. It is footage that needs to be seen.”

The footage and photos can be viewed at