That Also Breathes | A Short Film By Bahman Radan | Full movie | Look at your plate again #govegan

Why our love and affection is only limited to our pets when millions of animals are facing slaughter and suffering? Why do you adore your pet like your child but you eat the meat of another animal?
“That Also Breathes” is a short film that will make you rethink your treatment of animals.
All animals have the right to live & breathe.

We give all the rights of this short film to all animals and living creatures who are captured by humans and are unable to defend themselves.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Please credit: Ad1Film
Wishing for the freedom of all animals and living beings
⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ That also breathes #shortfilm
???? Director: Bahman Radan
✍️ Writer: Sara Moradi
???? Cinematographer: Ben Richmond
???? Music: Sina Maserrat
???? Actors: Mobina Alinasab & Sunny
????️ Editor, Color and light editing: Zehra Radanfar
???? In collaboration with @familyvegan @Vegifamily
???? Poster designer: Mohammadreza Jafari
???? Internatonal Broadcasting company: IranFilmPort @iranfilmport
???? Movie Message: All animals have the right to live & breathe

???? Offical Selection at Vegan ÇİFTLİK Film Festival in Turkey 2023
???? Offical Selection at 13Monstra Animal International Festival in Brezil 2023

Produced by: AD1 Film Production Company
Producing date: 17/12/2022 - Antalya- Turkey
#veganfilmmaker #bahmanradan
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Published: Fri 8 Dec 2023 by ad1film
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Created: 17 December 2022
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Country: Turkey
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