Tinder Creek Duck exposed

For 3 years Animal Liberation has received footage from Tinder Creek Duck farms showing filthy conditions, animals with their heads twisted around, and in various stages of disease progression. A veterinary report explained the ducks were suffering from a disease outbreak caused by bad husbandry practices. Tinder Creek has failed to uphold any directions given by authorities. They have not improved their welfare after numerous investigations.

The following restaurants and distributors have stopped selling Tinder Creek duck: Wilhelmina’s Liquid and Larder, Regal Seafoods, Quattro Country Restaurant, Icebergs Dining Room and Bar, Red Lantern, Steel Bar and Grill, Pan Pacific, Savannah Bar, Sails on Lavender Bay, Harris Farms Markets and Vic's Quality Meats. They have 1 large distributor left: Mahogany Creek who we are still petitioning.

Please sign the petition asking the remaining stockists to stop selling Tinder Creek: goo.gl/crzzMP
Published: Sun 20 May 2018 by Animal Liberation
Captured/filmed: Not specified
Created: 11 July 2016
ID: 792ab44f5e
Licence: Unspecified - please contact the uploader for terms of use.
Country: Australia
Location: Tinder Creek Duck Farm, Mellong, New South Wales, Australia )

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