Cruelty exposed at Hawkesbury Valley Abattoir

Animal Liberation NSW captured footage on CCTV at Hawkesbury Valley Abattoir between the dates of 13th and 20th January, 2012. This footage captured several shocking animal abuses in breach of the Food Regulation 2010 act, and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979.

The events captured in this video show inadequate stunning of animals resulting in them being 'stuck' (throats cut) whilst conscious and bleeding out. The footage shows incidents of animals showing 'sensibility' after having their throats cut, such as raising their heads and arching their backs. Animals are seen skinned alive due to inadequate stunning.

Two pigs are beaten with a metal pole after failing to be rendered unconscious from stunning. The pole appears to have a regular slot which indicates this is a normal procedure at this abattoir. These blows are unlikely to render the pigs unconscious, therefore they suffer the full blow of each strike.

Cows are seen very excessively shocked with electric prodders as they move through the race. Electric prodders are seen as a last resort in this industry, however the footage shows this method being used when the cows have nowhere further to move. This is considered 'torture' under the Act. The video captures incidences of cows being shocked all over their bodies including the face and in the hind region between the legs.

After recieving this footage and visiting on site, Police and the Food Authority had Hawkesbury Valley Abattoir immediately shut down on February 9th, 2012. The footage captured by Animal Liberation was wholly instrumental in exposing this cruelty.

If mandatory CCTV were implemented, authorities could audit random days of footage each month and monitor for grotesque abuses such as these. Please download and sign our petition to push for mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses:

For Lateline's feature story on the abuse in this abattoir, please visit:
Published: Tue 9 Jan 2018 by Animal Liberation
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Created: 9 February 2012
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Country: Australia
Location: Hawkesbury Valley Meats, Wilberforce, New South Wales, Australia )

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