Time lapse - dairy calves on the shackle line

Time lapse of one day of hidden camera footage, showing dairy calves whose throats have been cut, shackled upside down on a moving line which takes them up to the 'processing' floor. These calves are discarded by the dairy industry so that the milk intended for them can be sold for human consumption.

Across August and September 2023, investigators from Farm Transparency Project installed cameras at TQM slaughterhouse, capturing the brutal treatment and slaughter of thousands of sheep and week-old calves, many who were pushed, thrown, beaten and even killed while fully conscious.

Tasmanian Quality Meats is Tasmania's largest sheep and calf slaughterhouse, killing thousands of animals every week.
Published: Fri 8 Dec 2023 by Farm Transparency Project
Captured/filmed: September 2023
Created: 2023
ID: 9ljo8lusb4
Licence: Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please credit: Farm Transparency Project. Link not required.
Country: Australia
Location: Tasmanian Quality Meats Abattoir, Cressy, Tasmania, Australia )

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