Australian Pig Farming: The Inside Story - Longer edit
At Wally's Piggery, 20 minutes from Australia's Capital Territory, the owner bashes his pigs to death with a sledgehammer and hacks at their throats while his employees stand by drinking beer, some pigs taking up to 6 minutes to die. The pigs' remains are left sometimes for days on end to be eaten by stray cats and other pigs.
Sows are confined to enclosures so tiny they can't turn around, and are repeatedly impregnated. Restricted space, filthy conditions, and abuse from employees result in the frequent injuries and deaths of the piglets and their mothers. This is common practice within the commercial pig industry in Australia and worldwide.
Published: Wed 11 Oct 2017 by Animal Liberation ACT
Captured/filmed: 2012
Created: 5 August 2012
ID: abfef21514
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Country: Australia
Location: Wally's Piggery, Jeir, New South Wales, Australia )
Company: Wally Perenc

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