Piglet overlay in Australian farrowing crates - Blantyre Farms, NSW 2013

"Overlay" is a common cause of piglet death in farrowing crates, where the mother pig lies on top of her young, crushing them. The Australian pig farming industry claims that farrowing crates prevent overlay. However, in farrowing crates, sows often have great difficulty standing up or lying down due to weakness/injury and the confined space. In natural settings, the sow would be able to move away from her piglets before lying down.
Published: Wed 11 Oct 2017 by Animal Liberation ACT
Captured/filmed: 2013
Created: 29 November 2013
ID: b14955cf95
Licence: Unspecified - please contact the uploader for terms of use.
Country: Australia
Location: Golden Grove Piggery, Young, New South Wales, Australia

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