9 News Victoria coverage of the Benalla abattoir shut-down action

Prime-time TV news coverage of Farm Transparency Project's shut-down and protest at the Benalla slaughterhouse in northern Victoria, on 13 April 2023. Around 25 activists entered the slaughterhouse and chained onto machinery including the gas chamber, with others occupying the roof with a large "stop gassing pigs for pork" banner. 7 were arrested, charged with trespass, and released on bail.
Published: Fri 14 Apr 2023 by Farm Transparency Project
Captured/filmed: 13 April 2023
Created: 13 April 2023
ID: rcoopwj35c
Licence: Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please credit: Farm Transparency Project. Link not required.
Country: Australia
Location: Benalla Abattoir, Benalla, Victoria, Australia )
Company: Linlock Pty Ltd

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