End dairy slaughter: More Information

Dairy's deadly secrets

  • Newborn calves, dragged from their mothers as they cry out in fear and pain. Mother cows running after a trailer, unable to keep up as their baby disappears from view.

  • The merciless slaughter of week-old calves, including dozens who have their throats slit while fully conscious. 

  • 4-7 year old dairy cows sent to slaughter, exhausted from a constant cycle of pregnancy, birth and separation and worn out from the endless pain and discomfort of having milk, intended for her missing babies, sucked from her body by machines.

This is Australian dairy

Dairy Breeds Cows to Die

In order to make milk for human consumption, dairy cows need to be pregnant. Female cows are artificially inseminated multiple times a year, so that they can continue to be milked every day. When they give birth, they bond with their babies immediately, only to have them ripped away from them, usually within hours, so that humans can take their milk to be sold. 

Male calves have no commercial value to the dairy industry, and are killed at only a few days old, alongside any surplus female calves. Calves are herded onto trucks, still unsteady on their legs and calling for their mothers. Some are driven straight to the slaughterhouse, where they will spend a cold and terrifying night shivering in concrete holding pens, while others are taken to a saleyard, and sold to the highest bidder.

Let Cows Grow Old - End Dairy Slaughter 

For too long, the dairy industry has been given free reign to kill off their problems, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of calves and dairy cows who no longer produce enough milk. 

What we want 

  • The end of Dairy Australia’s deceptive manipulation of school children through their Discover Dairy curriculum.

  • An end to the breeding and slaughter of cows and calves in the dairy industry.

  • A mandatory retirement plan for all cows and calves currently used for dairy

  • An immediate, just transition away from dairy and towards slaughter-free alternatives, including government investment in plant-based alternatives to dairy.   

The commercial breeding, confinement and slaughtering of hundreds of thousands of cows and calves in the dairy industry, is completely unnecessary, especially given the vast array of easily accessible plant-based alternatives. We want a world where all cows are allowed to live out their full lives, surrounded by their family.