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Who We Fight For

Farm Transparency Project
Fri 8 March 2024, 4:06pm

Being an investigator means seeing thousands of animals every year, most who are weeks, days or hours away from a violent death. While every animal we encounter is important, some leave a mark on us forever.

Below is a selection of stories of animals who stayed with us long after we were forced to leave them behind. Some are stories of resistance and freedom, others of tragedy and despair but all are stories that remind us who we fight for.

Maisie's Story

Maisie is a pig who was killed in Benalla slaughterhouse in Northern Victoria in January 2023. The night before she was killed, investigators got to know her in the holding pens. 

The next day, they captured her brutal death inside a gas chamber on hidden cameras.

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Pedro, Barnsey & Owen

These three cows were met by investigators in the holding pens at Menzel's Meats slaughterhouse in Kapunda, South Australia.

They were incredibly friendly and left a mark on one investigator's heart. 

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Bear's Story

Bear was a newborn goat, rescued from the holding pens at Snowtown slaughterhouse, South Australia in July 2023. 

Despite receiving the best possible care, Bear died days after she was found shivering and crying for help. 

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Felix's Story

Felix was a bobby calf who was awaiting slaughter at Tasmanian Quality Meats slaughterhouse in September, 2023.

Overnight, investigators entered the holding pens and bonded with the week-old calves. One investigator formed a special bond with Felix and wrote his story. 

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150 male chicks saved moments from slaughter

In July 2016 100 activists entered and shut-down the macerator at a Bendigo facility, two days after Australian first footage was released showing the practice of grinding newborn male chicks alive. Over 150 male chicks were rescued from certain death and will now live long, happy lives with experienced carers.

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19 ducks saved moments from slaughter 

In November 2018, activists halted the slaughter line at Luv-a-Duck slaughterhouse in Nhill, Victoria. After two hours, activists asked to take the 19 ducks out, rather than having them sent back to slaughter - but police and Luv-A-Duck management refused, forcing activists to grab the ducks and run. 

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All animals resist and fight for their lives in farms and slaughterhouses. By telling their stories we remind ourselves why we continue to expose their suffering and boycott animal slaughter by living vegan.