Wally's Feedlot

Jeir NSW 2582, Australia
Name: Wally's Feedlot
Address: Jeir NSW 2582, Australia
LGA/Council: Yass Valley Council
Council website: yass.nsw.gov.au
Council email: [email protected]
Summary: Wally's Feedlot is a 'beef cattle farm and/or feedlot' located in Jeir, NSW Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Listing updated: 2020
Listing ID: a6de9
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Cattle feedlot operating adjacent to the defunct Wally's Piggery.

Hidden cameras installed at the feedlot operated by former pig farmer Wally Perenc, near Yass NSW, have shone new light on the animal cruelty charges mysteriously withdrawn in 2014 by RSPCA NSW, and bolstered calls for the RSPCA to be stripped of its jurisdiction over farm animal cruelty.

The new footage depicts adolescent calves bellowing in anguish as their young horns are ripped off without pain relief, not 100 metres from the now defunct piggery made infamous by 2012 covert footage. Numerous animals are seen suffering from eye infections, respiratory issues and even blindness, while others lie dead or dying.

Speaking to another man helping him, Wally can be heard discussing the older footage and the resulting case against him: “Here, f**ken greenies come, video everything, showing how… killing pigs, with a hammer… went everywhere, all over the country. Our lawyer say, I just can’t help you, I just can’t help you… get f**ked you can’t help me! … But then I come to court, fella come, he was the prosecutor… come to me he says Wally, I heard you’re in a bit of trouble… I was killing pigs before, and I f**ken bribed them all!”

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