Menzel's Meats

120 Bethel Rd, Kapunda SA 5373, Australia
Name: Menzel's Meats
Address: 120 Bethel Rd, Kapunda SA 5373, Australia
LGA/Council: Light Regional Council
Council website:
Council email: [email protected]
Summary: Menzel's Meats is a slaughterhouse located in Kapunda, SA Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Listing updated: 2024
Listing ID: b23a7
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Menzel's Meats is a multi-species slaughterhouse in Kapunda, South Australia, which kills pigs, goats, sheep and cows/cattle.

Unlike larger slaughterhouses, Menzel's does not use a gas chamber for pigs. Instead, for smaller pigs, sheep and goats, an electric stunner is used, while larger pigs and cows are shot with a rifle.

Pigs are herded with an electric prodder into a stunning pen, and then painfully paralysed one at a time, in front of each other. Some pigs try to comfort those who have been paralysed.

Many animals remain conscious after 'stunning', but unable to move.

The fifth slaughterhouse exposed as part of our Shut Down Slaughterhouses campaign.

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  • The Lives we Couldn't Save - Pedro, Barnsey and Owen

    Tuesday 8 Aug 2023 by Harley

    We spent two weeks installing cameras and capturing footage at Menzel’s Meats in South Australia. Each night, we spent time with animals in the pens whose horrific deaths we later witnessed. Every animal we met was an individual with their own life and their own story. Every single one of them fought and struggled and did not want to die. One night, an investigator met three cows who left their mark on her heart. Read more >

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  • Animal activists vow to break into and expose 30 slaughterhouses over two years to force industry transparency

    Monday 10 Jul 2023

    Animal advocate Chris Delforce has today announced that his organisation, Farm Transparency Project, plans to break into 30 slaughterhouses over the next two years, to capture and expose footage of Australian animal slaughter to the public. Delforce, who earlier this year shared groundbreaking new footage of pigs being gassed to death in Victorian slaughterhouses after hiding in a gas chamber, stated that his organisation has already investigated six slaughterhouses this year, and will be releasing a new investigation this week. Footage from three new Australian slaughterhouses is promised over the next few weeks, with Delforce sharing that Farm Transparency Project has... Read more >

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