Australian Food Group Abattoir

, Laverton North VIC 3026, Australia
Name: Australian Food Group Abattoir
Address: , Laverton North VIC 3026, Australia
LGA/Council: Wyndham City Council
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Council email: [email protected]

In close proximity to Diamond Valley Pork, the Australian Food Group abattoir uses a slightly different system of carbon dioxide gas stunning, however it is just as excruciating for the pigs.

Last known status: Open and operating
Listing updated: 2018
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In December 2015, Animal Liberation groups from around Australia chained themselves to the gas chamber in the Diamond Valley Pork slaughterhouse to coincide with the release of damning undercover pig slaughter footage, while also occupying and dropping banners from the slaughterhouse rooftop, and blockading transport trucks.

The joint campaign by Animal Liberation Victoria and Animal Liberation NSW details shocking scenes from 3 Victorian pig slaughterhouses (Diamond Valley Pork in Laverton, Australian Food Group in Laverton, and CA Sinclair in Benalla) of pigs being mercilessly forced with high amperage electric prods into metal cages, then lowered into a gas chamber where they scream, thrash, kick and struggle to escape as the gas causes burning sensations throughout their bodies and they suffocate.

Most pigs in Australia, including those raised “free range”, are killed in these carbon dioxide gas chambers, which are regarded as “best practice”. The industry tells the public that gas chambers are a humane slaughter method and wants us to believe that the pigs gently fall asleep, however nothing could be further from the truth

The investigation involved climbing down into a gas chamber while wearing an oxygen tank to position hidden cameras. The activist who did so immediately noticed their eyes burning, which led to the discovery that when carbon dioxide reacts with liquids or mucus coated membranes (like that of the eyes, nostrils, sinuses, throat, and lungs), it forms carbonic acid. From their first lungful of gas, these pigs are burning from the inside out.

ALV Founder Patty Mark said on the day of the action that "All activists involved in this action have taken a vow of non-violence and are putting themselves peacefully between the innocent animals and the horrific death that awaits them. We are closing down this slaughterhouse for as long as we can, not just to draw attention to this torturous method of killing, but to draw attention to the violence that is inherent in animal agriculture. This action is an attempt to bring the real concept of peace and respect for others into our troubled world. To strike at the very roots of violence and destruction.”

ALV President Noah Hannibal said while locked onto the slaughterhouse gas chamber: "Compassion is not a crime. I challenge anyone who takes issue with what we do here today to view the undercover footage at The evidence is undeniable, slaughterhouses are cruel, unethical and unnecessary. It is time to end this senseless slaughter."

The gas chamber at Australian Food Group (AFG) abattoir is a different system to that seen at Corowa, Diamond Valley Pork and the Benalla abattoir, all of which are built by Butina, unlike that at AFG. The Butina chambers feature a deep shaft with 6 or so rotating gondolas, while the AFG abattoir is much shallower and contains only two gondolas.

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