Gas chambers in Australian pig slaughterhouses, 2023

In early 2023, investigators from Farm Transparency Project covertly entered Victoria's three largest pig slaughterhouses, to capture footage inside the highly secretive, "humane" gas chambers. It's time to ban gas chambers.

At the Benalla slaughterhouse, pigs of all ages and sizes are brutally gassed - from “sucker” piglets, to standard 5-6 month old pigs and mother “sows” no longer useful to the industry. Pigs are forced into the chamber with a painful electric prodder.

Diamond Valley Pork in Laverton kills up to one million pigs per year - 20% of the national total. Pigs are forced into the enormous ‘Backloader’ chamber by mechanised sliding walls.

At the Australian Food Group abattoir in Laverton, an investigator climbed into the top of the gas chamber overnight and remained there for over 9 hours, to capture the pigs' horrific final moments with a handheld camera.

It's time to ban gas chambers.

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