Sheep slaughter - Cressy TAS 2016 - 12 min edit

Hidden camera footage obtained by Animal Liberation from inside a large, award-winning Tasmanian slaughterhouse (Tasmanian Quality Meats in Cressy) reveals over one hundred instances of workers beating, kicking and throwing sheep and lambs, ineffective use of the electric stunner, and at least one instance of killing without prior stunning.

The footage was sent to the authority responsible for investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty in Tasmania, the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE), in late 2016 - but as of July 2017, Animal Liberation has seen no indication that any action will be taken by the department, suggesting that instances like these, recorded over a period of just a few random days, are commonplace in Australian slaughterhouses and considered not worthy of investigating or prosecuting.
Published: Wed 11 Oct 2017 by Animal Liberation
Captured/filmed: 2016
Created: June 2017
ID: bb147bc6cc
Licence: Unspecified - please contact the uploader for terms of use.
Country: Australia
Location: Tasmanian Quality Meats Abattoir, Cressy, Tasmania, Australia )

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