The depopulation and culling of 'spent' layer hens

Animal Liberation NSW bring you a world-first vision into the on-site gassing of egg-laying hens on an Australian egg farm.

This video follows the largely unseen story of the egg industry's standard practice of culling 'spent' layer hens (a.k.a 'depopulation'). Depopulation is conducted once hens reach approximately 18 months of age (12 months of laying) as their egg production slows and are therefore deemed no longer economically viable.

This reality is the same for caged, cage-free/barn-laid, free-range, RSPCA approved and organic egg labels. You can help stop this cycle by leaving eggs and egg products off your plate.

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Published: Tue 18 Jun 2019 by Animal Liberation
Captured/filmed: 2019
Created: 18 June 2019
Licence: Unspecified - please contact the uploader for terms of use.
Country: Australia
Location: Bridgewater Poultry (Egg) Farm, Bridgewater VIC
Bridgewater Poultry Farm, Bridgewater VIC
Bridgewater Poultry Farm (free range section), Bridgewater VIC