TQM slaughterhouse, Cressy TAS

In August and September 2023, investigators from Farm Transparency Project entered and installed cameras at Tasmanian Quality Meats slaughterhouse, Tasmania's largest sheep and calf slaughterhouse. The result was two two weeks of footage, capturing the brutal treatment and slaughter of thousands of sheep and week-old calves, many who were pushed, thrown, beaten and even killed while fully conscious. The investigation exposed that calves were frequently killed without any form of stunning, due to them being stuck upside down in the restraint or workers failing to stun them before they were tipped out into the kill room. Dozens of calves, had their throats slit while fully conscious, suffering in agony for minutes as they slowly and painfully bled out. Currently, this investigation has led to a potential 12 month suspension of TQM's export license, meaning that they would likely need to close.
Published: Fri 8 Dec 2023 by Farm Transparency Project
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Country: Australia
Location: Tasmanian Quality Meats Abattoir, Cressy, Tasmania, Australia

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