Turkey Slaughter in Austria


The association against factory farms (VGT Austria) has leaked footage of unbelievable conditions and extreme animal cruelty with the publication of the worldwide biggest slaughterhouse investigation. Anonymous activists were able to obtain footage of roughly 20 slaughterhouses. All slaughterhouses were reported.

Find out more at schlachthofskandal.at

The photo and film material presented here was made and passed on to VGT in 2015.
After seeing these pictures, anyone who eats meat must ask themselves whether killing animals in order to eat them can be justified.
It was necessary to have virtually all the people who work for VGT watching and documenting hundreds of hours of video footage, making the films and reporting breaches of law to the authorities. This was an emotionally taxing challenge that some were not able to deal with. Not everyone manages to withstand witnessing this onslaught of horror. Thank you to all those who helped prepare this comprehensive documentation for public viewing. And a special thank you goes out to those anonymous animal activist-journalists who provided VGT with the raw material. These people risked their health and sometimes even their lives in order to get this unique footage.