Victims of Menzel's: Pedro, Barnsey and Owen

Over the course of two weeks, we installed cameras and captured footage at Menzel’s Meats in South Australia. Each night we went there, we spent time with animals in the pens whose horrific deaths we later watched back.

Every animal we met was an individual with their own life and their own story. Every single one of them fought and struggled and did not want to die.

One night, an investigator met three cows who left their mark on her heart. She named them Pedro, Barnsey and Owen. Read their story:

We’re demanding a national inquiry into the lack of legal protection for farmed animals and the immediate closure of the facilities we expose. At each one, we have captured footage of animals dying in unimaginable agony, screaming, thrashing, hiding and fighting for their lives.

How can a nation of animal lovers allow this?

Slaughter is never humane. It’s time to shut down slaughterhouses and support legal protection for farmed animals.

#SlaughterIsNeverHumane #ShutDownSlaughterhouses #StopKilling
Published: Tue 8 Aug 2023 by Anonymous
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Created: 8 August 2023
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Country: Australia
Location: Menzel's Meats, Kapunda, South Australia, Australia )

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