Gathercole's Wangaratta slaughterhouse - Part 2

10 years ago, this slaughterhouse was one of the first investigated by the recently launched organisation, Aussie Farms (now Farm Transparency Project). At the time, investigators filmed pigs, cows, sheep and calves being beaten and violently slaughtered across two, blood-soaked kill rooms. A decade later, we returned and spent two months installing cameras inside the multi-species slaughterhouse, which sits on a residential street in the busy, rural city of Wangaratta.

The scale of suffering we uncovered was so bad that we’ve had to split it across two videos.

Part 2 focuses on pigs, sheep and goats. Workers are seen hitting and punching stunned animals, and even using the bodies of sheep and pigs as punching bags as they hung suspended on the shackle line, slowly bleeding out. Some pigs were seen moving and gasping for air seconds before they were tipped into a tank of scalding water, while workers watched on, occasionally dancing and laughing with each other. 

Sheep, pigs and goats are seen being stabbed with electric stunners multiple times as they try to escape, some even managing to leap onto the killing table as workers hold them down.

Published: Mon 25 Mar 2024 by Farm Transparency Project
Captured/filmed: January 2024
Created: March 2024
ID: x3lkvsubgn
Licence: Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please credit: Farm Transparency Project. Link not required.
Country: Australia
Location: Gathercole's Wangaratta Abattoir, Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia
Company: GA Gathercole Pty Ltd

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