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Broiler farm

340A Manks Road, Clyde VIC Australia 3978
Name: Broiler farm
Address: 340A Manks Road, Clyde VIC Australia 3978
Summary: Broiler farm is a 'broiler (meat) chicken farm' located in Clyde, VIC Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Updated: 2018
Coordinates: -38.172199, 145.356461
ID: 33170
Contracted to: Turi Foods (Turosi / OSI / La Ionica) , ABN: 29 057 142 971
Capacity: 344,000

"Set on some one hundred and six acres of prime land this is the broiler farm by which others are measured. Comprising four curtain sheds of nine years and four tunnel sheds of seven years the farm offers state of the art systems and infrastructure and is held as an example of best practice within the industry. Features include ample on site water holding supplemented by mains water service, three as new backup generators, substantial internal roading, three dams and two large machinery sheds. Set to operate as two stand alone units if required the property also boasts a magnificent principles residence with inground pool and a very comfortable staff house. This property will appeal to either the owner operator or investor.

Key Features

  • Mains water
  • 344,000 broiler chickens at .5 density
  • Four off tunnel sheds, four off curtain sheds
  • Two large enclosed machinery sheds
  • Two multi bay open machinery sheds
  • One hundred and eight acres (App).
  • Three large dams
  • Extensive tank water holding
  • Three generators
  • Substantial internal roading
  • Two residences
  • La Ionica contract"

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