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Berrybank Piggery

Hendersons Road, Windermere VIC 3352, Australia
Name: Berrybank Piggery
Address: Hendersons Road, Windermere VIC 3352, Australia
Summary: Berrybank Piggery is a 'pig farm' located in Windermere, VIC Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Updated: n/a
Coordinates: -37.460953, 143.711075
ID: 7a3cc

20,000 head piggery and feedmill.

'The main enterprise at "'Berrybank Farm" is a piggery established over 40 years ago which has been remodelled and upgraded at different times into a modern, efficient and productive pig unit. The farm has 1,800 productive sows. The breed is unique to "Berrybank", having been developed over thirty years through selection and performance testing. Since 1982, new breeding lines have been introduced through Artificial Insemination. Stringent measures and the strict monitoring of visitors to the farm have helped to keep "Berrybank Farm" a minimal disease piggery with a high health status.

Breeding and gestating sows are all housed in open, naturally ventilated pens with catch boars housed in the centre of the mating shed. AI is used extensively at Berrybank where an AI Boar Stud is maintained.

Farrowing is in stalls in eight separate insulated, environmentally controlled houses, electrically heated, with slurry flushed out daily. Piglets are weaned daily at 18 days of age.

Weaned piglets are housed in six environmentally controlled units. Each unit is flushed daily and carries an entire week’s pig production. Growth rate 330 G.P.D.

There are two Grower sheds catering for pigs from eight to thirteen weeks of age. These sheds have automatic blind control, are well insulated and slurry is flushed daily. Growth over 700 G.P.D.

There are two growing areas (Finishers), where the sexes are segregated into each shed. The sheds are insulated and have thermostatically controlled natural ventilation through the use of blinds. Growth rate in the shed averages about 850 G.P.D. for the boars and the gilts are around 800 G.P.D.'

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