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Broiler farm

Eleven Mile Road, Cora Lynn VIC 3814, Australia
Name: Broiler farm
Address: Eleven Mile Road, Cora Lynn VIC 3814, Australia
Summary: Broiler farm is a 'broiler (meat) chicken farm' located in Cora Lynn, VIC Australia.
Last known status: Open and operating
Updated: 2018
Coordinates: -38.143501, 145.634125
ID: dbdad
Capacity: 110,600

"The farm has four cross flow sheds, with a series recent upgrades including partly tunneled tempreature regulation through the use of cooling pads. 

The property is set on 20 acres and has two seperate driveways for the house and sheds. There is both a dam and permit to pump water directly from the river substaintly reducing water costs. Of the two machinery sheds, one contains a cooling room for mortalities."

http://www.poultryfarmsaustralia.com.au/property-past-details/vic/cora-lynn/120.html - listed 2016, accessed Aug 2018